The end is near…you were once great Blackberry

No surprise, the vultures are already circling Blackberry and looking to recruit some of their top talent. The likes of Apple and Intel are starting to make overtures to Blackberry workers.

This cannot be a surprise to anyone. After the Waterloo based company

Back when it was the cool phone...

Back when it was the cool phone…

announced intentions to being acquired by Fairfax things have continued be out of sorts. With rumors that the financing might not be in place. There is talk of Blackberry heading to the chop shop and having their parts sold off. Something this blog has advocated to happen. Click here for post. It is interesting that the likes of SAP are looking into opportunities. If SAP were to get some of their enterprise assets it would be a very interesting asset for the package application giant. Being able to instantly have a powerful and secure mobile platform could be the catalyst for some of SAP’s solutions.  Something to watch.

It is sad to watch, but the end of days seem very close for the once powerful mobile player. I might need to dust off my old Blackberry, wonder what it will fetch on eBay from the collectors!


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    Still, just as I saw weigh through the likes of .net compact framework, there is something about this absolutely brilliant form factor, the keyboard. the physical attributes, as well as the open platform like Java for development. People may just troll the Co. for resources (patents & people), but there will or could be a re-imaged BlackBerry. Simplified, all military personal have a one at their disposal with a simplified UI few essential apps, and recycled for the military with an amazing packet of encryption. Voice recognition added perhaps. Recycled. yup. place for this over the existing radio military tech?


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