Disrputive technology, available at Staples

We are currently being reminded that disruptive technology is all around us…phones, digital cameras, MP3s, steam power are just some examples. There is a new device that might prove as disruptive – the 3D printer. Now you can purchase one at your local Staples!

Wow. Yes I might be showing my dorky side. 3D printers have the potential to be a mini personal factory. A factory that could churn out anything a computer program can offer. Think about the possibilities. You forgot a part for your kid’s bicycle? Go to the Trek web site and download the specs to your printer. Last minute gift for your significant other? Head off to RedEnvelope and find a nice gift that you can “print” out. Your Christmas gifts might come via an email…to be manufactured by your 3D printer.

3D printers will have a drastic impact on supply chains as well as consumers. With a retailer now offering this technology to the masses, we are about to experience some major disruptions.


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  1. pc

    Beyond the Christmas and part manufacturing possibilities, 3D-printing will impact many industries and will challenge some of the best established value proposals.In manufacturing some of the top bicycles are now manufactured using 3D printing to fit the bicycle to the rider by passing the traditional multiple adjustments steps. Think of what 3D can do to the overnight delivery value proposal of UPS or FedEx. The buffer stocks of the supply chain may be eliminated if you have the proper files to print some extra objects on an as needed basis.
    Customization at low cost will change many established business models.


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