Apple, Google and Microsoft stores – motivated by BYOD wave?

BYOD…some of you might wonder if that is like byob (bring your own beer/booze) well it is similar but the “d” stands for Devices. It is a trend of consumers bringing and leveraging their personal technology for their business needs. With the explosion of smart phones and tablets, this behavior has only become more common place – some have said it is going to be the most radical shift in enterprise computing. I look at my own work environment as an example. Over the past 5 years I have seen the companies I have worked for move from a BlackBerry only world for smart phones, to having meetings where there are more iPads, iPhones and Android devices than BlackBerries and laptops visible.

Your new help desk?

Your new help desk?

The underlying story to BYOD is that it will shift the support from within the enterprise to the likes of Apple or Microsoft stores. Yes, you will still need to lean on your in house IT department to manage some of your proprietary systems. However, when you have an issue with your iPhone or your Surface tablet, you might head to the stores first. They will also manage you device migration when you upgrade or migrate to new devices. Of course this shift has created quite the stir with IT departments who see their importance reduced and who fear for such issues as security of content. All valid concerns. But IT departments will need to co-exist and co-operate with the likes of the Apple stores in a world of BYOD.

It is a new world out there when it comes to our devices. Getting into brick and mortar might actually be the right play for some of the tech giants.


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