Mobile payments – sh*t about to get real


The mobile wallet is not something new. Companies like PayPal allowing for payment via your mobile app, or square wallet who uses NFC technology and the likes of Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts with apps that allow you to pay directly from your smart phone. Our smart phone is quickly replacing our wallet as the most important personal accoutrement we have. Add to this apps such as Lemon Wallet or Passbook and there are very few things that our wallet can “own” outright compared to our phones. Now comes a new way of paying that moves us out of being tethered to our smartphones and truly embracing any and all mobile devices – the ability to pay via Twitter.

Amex and Twitter have partnered to offer some limited pay via twitter capabilities. Yikes. This opens a whole new world of mobile payments. No longer are you dependent on your device, just need access to Twitter. You could pay through a web enabled watch…like the rumored Apple watch! Or your tablet, your television or gasp…laptop!! It will be interesting to see if this takes off with Twitter. Amex is clearly at the forefront with pushing the envelope, they also try to tie in their gift cards to Foursquare and vendor check ins.

Our world is a changing…


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