iPad mini – smart move or sign of Apple coming back to the pack?

“So they made the iPhone bigger and are shrinking the iPad…” 

Apple is set to unveil its newest device. Well not really “new” since it is a different version of their iPad tablet. Now speculation is rife on what the price point will be for the iPad mini – the $199 price range that will put it in direct competition with the likes of the Kindle Fire, the Nook and the Nexus 7 or a higher price point around $250? That price would put it higher than the aforementioned tablets but lower than its big brother full sized iPad. Question remains…does this matter? What I mean is, does the release of a new iPad indicate a decline in the once all powerful Apple? I am not saying Apple is about to go by the way of RIM, but has Apple lost areas to innovate?

Think about it. When the iPad came out it created, or really jump started, a dormant space – the tablet. The iPhone and more importantly the app store, revolutionized the smartphone. Take the idea of using your phone for calls and emails to a whole new level. The iPod was the first truly user friendly MP3 player. The iPad mini…what is at the core of this roll out? One could argue that Apple is moving down stream and putting out a fighting brand to take on their rivals in the smaller tablet market. But that would be a me-too move, something that Apple has avoided doing for many years. Apple has created the market, not been a follower.

The introduction of the iPad mini might prove to be a wise business move, allow Apple to get into the game in a space that Amazon has quietly taken to be its own. However it could also be an indication of what is to come from Apple – a company run more like Mitt Romney – focused on market analysis, finding margin, taking market share from others. Not like an Obama styled company – built on vision and looking beyond the horizon. Time will tell if Cook and the rest of Apple can find new places to create a market. Or if the passing of Jobs will prove to be the tipping point for Apple.


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