Ouch – Blackberry not “cool” enough for Yahoo!

So rumor has it that new Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer is looking to make another interesting change at the tech giant. She is apparently looking to bring some cool and some Google like changes to the work environment. I will have to say that I am quietly optimistic and impressed at some of what she has done so far… I realize we do not have a huge sample size and providing free meals does not equate brilliant business

Not in Marissa’s world!

strategy. But clearly she understands that to change Yahoo!, and get it out of the dumps, she must change the culture. Simple acts like providing, as many other tech players do, such “perks” as free meals is key to the cultural shift. The other decision – not returning the cash from Alibaba investment – demonstrates a vision and a willingness to do the necessary.

The latest one struck a cord with me, the news that every Yahoo! employee will receive an iPhone or Android. Seems like a message from the CEO that everyone needs to think about mobility. Everyone needs to be on the mobile devices that are a cornerstone of any mobile strategy. Notice the one device not offered…yup the Blackberry. And to quote the article:

Yahoo should be innovating for the future, and BlackBerrys are not part of the future. They are part of the quickly fading past.

Ouch. Once again another example of the death knell for RIM. Good for Marissa to push forward some interesting ideas and force the Yahoo! culture to shift. Too bad another tech giant cannot grasp the reality of innovate or die. If Yahoo! realizes you aren’t “cool” you have trouble ahead.


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