Facebook timeline – another end around on privacy

Sigh, the Facebook team is at it again, changing the UI. One aspect of Facebook that has received constant scrutiny is the interface, which at times is a bit underwhelming. So the millionaires over at Facebook (well soon to be once they IPO) have come out with a new format – timeline. The time line is suppose to give all the activity you have been doing on Facebook a better visual feel – allowing all those posts, likes, pictures, relationships, schools, events and on and on – to have a visual sense of time and timing. Great. I think. Do I really want to see the time span between posts? Or that I liked Adidas in November?

To me this smacks a bit of trying to get around privacy issues. Why? The new change will force users to go in and edit what they want to have private and what is public. The organization of all the activity you have done since day #1 (even prior to FB day 1 since they post when you were born) means there could be events/posts you thought and hoped were buried will now be cleanly displayed. Oh you said you had a family issue to take of and that is why you missed work, oops now it is nicely displayed that you were drinking a few dark lagers with your friends. I realize all this data is out there, Google, Yahoo and Bing make sure it is searchable, but now Facebook will “organize” it for us to leverage or be leveraged.

Having my activity organized should be a personal decision. Forcing an organization to our activity feels like an imposition from the 800lb gorilla – do this or else. And if things becoming public in the process so be it, allows us to sell richer layers of data to our advertisers.

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