No such thing as bad publicity…especially when you are Blackberry

Good old Blackberry, the once powerhouse of the smart phone world has been relegated to fourth when it comes to popular smart phoning behind the likes of Apple and Droid. What is even more telling for our friends in Canada – they are a distant third when it comes the platform application developers seek to create their masterpieces for. This weekend was another story. While some of us were focused on S&P downgrading the United States rating from AAA, over in London there were some riots that broke out due to a tragic incident with the police. This resembles the spark that set off riots in the Paris banlieu back in 2005. In the midst of all this, the news is that these riots were organized leveraging technology, but not Facebook or Twitter, instead it is old reliable – the Blackberry. Why? The messaging system on the Blackberry is easy to use and difficult to hack! Hey, ask the Saudi government about the security of the Blackberry! Once again the strength of the RIM security and encryption for the Blackberry commands some headlines. Once again I wonder why Blackberry does not do a better job advertising and promoting their security.

Businesses are becoming increasingly mobile, I realize this is not a news flash; however, with mobility comes security issues. Just the other day I was in a corporate meeting and counted that over 75% of those in the room had some form of tablet. Rest assured these were not company issued devices! Devices such as the iPad have found their way into the managing of your supply chain. Companies have given iPads to their factory floor works to add efficiencies and mobility to the floor. Functions such as pipeline updates are being linked to mobile devices. All this adds up to: a glut of new data streaming over the air and greater potential for security breaches. So I ask RIM, why not play into this with your iron tight security? Why try to compete with the “cool” kids – Apple and Droid – trying to keep up with all their new apps and fun stuff. Stick to your bread and butter – corporations. Where security and data integrity remain high on the list of must haves.

If the Saudi government is so nervous about your ability to communicate in privacy or if rioters in London rather use your messaging service because the cops cannot hack into the messages, then isn’t it fair to assume that companies would be interested in having this security?

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