Twitter gets to the next level – Obama takes questions via Twitter.

The President of the United States is used to answering questions whether they be from reporters, other politicians, talking heads and the general public…but doing it via social media and Twitter is a first. For those who are still resisting the power of such tools as Twitter this should be another indication that Social Media is not a fad! After having leveraged Social Media extensively during his campaign – SMS, Facebook, Twitter – Obama is showing that he is open to leveraging and maximizing such tools as Twitter.

What is fantastic about the White House being open to Twitter questions, the fact they are unfiltered. Anyone can ask questions, with the hash tag – #AskObama – and anyone can search the same hash tag to see what the questions that are being posted. Of course there will be more questions than Obama could possibly answer, but the audience will also know instantly if Obama is dodging difficult questions. A good move towards openness.

Another benefit? Obama and his reelection team can start leveraging these new Twitter fans and detractors when they start targeting their re-election campaigns.


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