Microsoft bolsters consumer play with acquisition of Skype

Well well well, look who out bid Google and Facebook and acquired the VOIP provider Skype. Financially it is not surprising, soon we forget that Microsoft also sits on a pile of cash and they needed to get back into the game when it comes to B2C and more social type offerings. So now another social asset falls into a traditional vendor’s sphere.

So what does this mean for Skype and Microsoft? I am not sure much, in the short term. It does give Microsoft an app that they can integrate into mobile players other than windows phones, aka Apple and Android. A space that a few years back Microsoft was owning – windows mobile phones were the 800 lb gorilla – they are now a distant 3rd relegated to hanging out with other past big player RIM.  Microsoft might be looking to get back into the mobile and apps game via acquisitions such as Skype. Might not be a bad tact since they would have an un-winnable battle if they tried to compete with Google and Apple for the OS space on the phone.

I just hope that Balmer does not try to replicate the Netscape v IE battle and make Skype “buggy” when not on a MSFT platform.


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