Google’s quest to be more social – the carrot

A recent  memo from Google about integrating a bonus multiplier tied to their social strategy demonstrates one of two things:

  1. Google gets the need to embrace the social wave and is at the forefront by integrating a multiplier into employees’ bonus that is directly tied to social.
  2. Google has tried everything in the social sphere and failed…this is a last ditch effort.

I think it is a bit of both. The fact that Google will elevate the importance of being more involved with social into compensation puts this on par with other metrics such as revenue, cost savings, customer satisfaction to name a few. Kudos to Google to understanding the importance of a social strategy.

Yet there is also a sliver of caution, Google is still struggling to find success with their social strategy. This is not for a lack of trying; click here for a walk down Google social memory lane. Of course there is also the most recent social failure from Google, when Groupon said thanks but no thanks to $6billion! Google, much like Apple, has failed to find a viable option to challenge Facebook in the social space. This latest internal change from Google demonstrates an understanding of the importance of social but also the failures of the search giant in the space.

Kudos to Google for elevating the importance of social within their company, but just giving your employees a bonus multiplier for being more social does not mean you will become a social software force.


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