Online surveys….give us a map!

Okay this might be more of a rant than anything else, but I recently took a trip on Jet Blue. My first experience with the airline and was overall happy with the flight. It safely took me to my destination and back. At the end of the day that is the essential, look at what happened with Southwest!

Like other vendors, they sent me an online survey to ask for some input on my experience and because I am a marketing “professional” I decided to take the survey. Which I proceeded to abandon, at what point I have no idea! And that is my point. A simple map or status update for online surveying is BASIC. So you know where you are in the process, do I have 3 more pages? 10 more? Almost done? There is nothing more frustrating than volunteering to take a survey and then getting that feeling you get when you are moving out of an apartment or house…there is always something else to pack always another item to move. I think that online surveys are wonderful tools and a great way to get valuable data and feedback. However, when you are creating one remember a few simple rules:

  • Those who take the survey are doing YOU the favor so make it as easy as possible – let survey takers have a guide of where they are in the survey.
  • Respect the survey takers time – give a sense of how long the survey might take 5 minutes? 10 minutes? 1 year?
  • Do not waste time asking questions you should be able to extrapolate based on other questions…for example: “What kind of tablet do you use?” No need to then ask “What screen size is it?” if you know that the Motorola tablet has a certain dimension and the iPad does…why ask the second question?

Come on JetBlue you are better than that!

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