Super Bowl – tough loss for my Steelers and not the greatest ads -except for Vader

Okay okay, I will admit that I was ready to celebrate “7th heaven” a bit too early. Actually I thought the game would be close, really feared the Packers’ offense especially against the sub-par Steeler cornerbacks but in the 3rd quarter I once again thought the Steelers were turning things around and were destined for their 7th Super Bowl. Alas. Kudos to the Packers, the better team won and Mr Rodgers will make all cheeseheads forget that other Packer quarterback…no not Bart Starr…the quarterback that wore #4.

Anyways this is not a blog for my sports rantings, you can read that on my other blog – So the second most important event yesterday were the ads, and to be honest I was a bit underwhelmed. A couple of observations:

  • I guess the auto industry is not doing so poorly…or our tax dollars are paying for some good agencies: Audi, Mercedes, Chrysler, Kia, BMW, Hyundai and Chevy for a grand total of 18 total spots! Wow.
  • Pepsi commercials were a bit lacking…I guess if you hit people with flying cans that makes for a good ad.
  • Groupon ad – as many said on Twitter, I guess Groupon hired the same agency as Kenneth Cole. The fall out from the spot is probably not what Groupon expected, any time you need to apologize and explain your thinking is not necessarily a good thing.
  • Doritos ad – juvenile…
  • Cowboys  and Aliens…OMG. Has Hollywood run out of good ideas? And the fact that Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford are part of the cast is beyond me…James Bond and Indiana Jones/Han Solo??? Really? How much are those two getting paid for this movie?

Speaking of Star Wars and auto ads, my favorite ad was the VW ad with Darth Vadar. It was a great ad that appealed to everyone – kids, moms, dads, men, women and dogs. No fake babies were thrown against the wall, cans beaning people off their heads or pugs rushing through doors. It appealed to me as fan of Star Wars, appealed to the kid in me as well as being a dad. Kudos to VW and their ad agency, wonder if Pepsi was on the phone with them this morning….

I wonder how many hits iTunes got for the Imperial March…or maybe that was just my dorkiness who now has the Imperial March as my ring tone.


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