Be thankful…you are not in this line

I always find it amazing when places such as London get snow before Boston, but that was the case this past week. The snow created all kinds of traveling snafus, some flights were not going to be able to leave for a week out of Heathrow! A great video of a queue at a London train station…I feel for the baby that you hear crying in the beginning or maybe that is the cry of an adult having been stuck in line for 5 hours!

What this reminds me of is that for all of our technology and gained efficiencies we are still at the mercy of Mother Nature. Supply chain companies, technology companies and the like can all talk about improving asset turns, inventory, worker output and the like but all you need are a couple of inches of snow in a place like London and it brings the entire machine to a halt. Remember all the problems the Icelandic volcanoes created earlier in the year? As our supply chains become longer, more complex and more subject to risks we can neither model nor control, we must ensure our strategy and thinking takes into consideration these real variables.

Hope those folks in London were able to get to where they needed to go…

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