The “Green” spin comes to your bathroom

I heard an interesting story yesterday on the radio about Kimberly-Clark’s Scott brand going more “green.” The toilet paper industry is a $9 billion industry, but innovation has been limited to 2 or 3 ply, “softer” paper and cuddly puppies and bears telling us why their preferred choices should be our #1 toilet paper.

However this week Scott has found a way of making sustainability and green a center piece of their product development and marketing efforts – the tubeless toilet paper!  According to Scott every year there are:

  • 17 million toilet paper tubes created
  • Accounting for 160 million pounds of trash
  • All that trash placed end to end would reach the moon and back…twice

That is a lot of trash! Granted, what Scott does not provide is how much money they will be saving by not having to source, produce or purchase the cardboard tubes. Assuming this has not drastically impacted their manufacturing process, they will reap some financial gains through the savings and have gained some priceless marketing buzz by being more “green.”

Lesson learned – marketers should always find a way to latch on to macro level themes that can be adopted for your marketing and business efforts.


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