Social marketing strategy…don’t forget the press releases!

Marketing via Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Communities, MySpace, Second Life, YouTube, iTunes, Slideshare….etc etc…the list goes on of social media outlets that we are told we must be involved in if we are in the marketing game. But what about the old press release? Does that communication piece no longer matter?

In the “old” days that was a wonderful way of communicating with the market, sending signals to your customers, prospects, influencers, competitors, partners and any one else who had a wire service. One would have to fax documents, ensure we ended the release with ### and write the reverse triangle…this all seems so dated so 20th century in the days of RSS feeds, social tagging, email, twitter, facebook, Linkedin and the myriad of other social media distribution tools.  However, the press release remains a powerful distribution tool for companies to get their message out.

The press release should be an integral part of your social media strategy.

  1. Press releases continue to be a practical method to get news out to the market – with both domestic and international reach. Granted there remains a cost to leverage Press services, but the reach they provide remains wide ranging and a good ROI.
  2. The press release is a powerful tool to help your SEO – as long as you properly hyperlink the release. Have a boiler plate – include the url to your site – why? Once the press release goes out the search engines will recognize the links back to your site…helping your search results.
  3. The press release allows you to give readers a reason to come to your site or blog, think about the traffic you can push back to your social media hubs – the web site and blog – by simple sending out a press release.
  4. Press releases remain a powerful tool to educate your market of important business news: financial information, mergers, acquisitions and new customer acquisition to name a few. Coupled with the array of social marketing tools you have a powerful arsenal of channels to distribute your business message.

So when you get all jazzed up about a new blog, using Twitter, posting on Facebook…do not forget about the old reliable press release to get your news out to the market.

It will help your social marketing efforts as well!


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