Google TV what next a Facebook Phone??

Okay I realize that both are in the works right now…you can go to to see how Google will be coming to a flat screen tv near you soon. Meanwhile you can learn more about the uber-secret Facebook phone…well through cyber space.

It is nothing new to see software firms heading into the hardware space or at least thinking about re-purposing their apps to fit on different devices. What is interesting about Google heading to the television is the heating up war between all the vendors that touch or could touch the television set.  I wrote in an early blog post that Apple was still trying to figure out how to get better control of your entertainment needs at the television set.

Regardless of the fact we spend more time on social networking, that we view movies on our laptops or that we can get radio streaming to our iPads the center of the entertainment world is still our televisions. The real problem is that until recently those expensive plasma, LCD or LED screens, while providing fantastic images, did not have the flexibility our laptops, smartphones or tablets gave us. Surfing the web was laborious at best, every try finding a web site via the browser on PS3? Looking at our digital photos was clunky, try finding the memory card slot on your television. Music, well we could get the digital channel on our cable box but that was a waste of the real estate on your screen. Now set top box manufactures, game consoles, television manufacturers and software firms are all vying to become the defacto control tower of your television.

There is no doubt that some of the experiences we have on our other devices will migrate to the television, however it remains to be seen if people will want to surf the web on their television – web surfing remains a very personal activity. Get our Twitter feed on our TV, maybe if we are the only ones watching not sure others are going to be as interested in who RT’d your last post. Or will we want to share our pictures on a 50 inch screen? Clearly the ability to import some of the content we view on our other devices – movies, network shows, YouTube videos and the like – onto our big screens is a natural next step.  The overall user experience will vary and will be interesting to get more insight into. The battle for the television continues. As a consumer – the more the merrier!

GoogleTV: a good move for Google a better move for consumers.

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