Mind your Ps and Qs with your social media

An interesting article about the usage of social media from Careerbuilder.com. Nothing too earth shattering, basically stating that a third of companies are leveraging social media for their corporate goals. I think it is safe to say that the thought that social media is only for entertainment or idle communication by teenagers is rapidly evaporating. Social media is and will become a greater part of our every day activity in the corporate world, just like web sites did 20 years ago. What stuck out to me in the article is the following:

When it comes to managing social media strategy, 43 percent of employers report that their marketing department handles social media outreach, followed by public relations (26 percent) and human resources (19 percent).

No surprise in the first two statistics, but the third – close to 1 in 5 companies have their HR departments managing social media. This just reinforced the fact that more companies are using these channels to vet potential employees. What does that mean?

That you need to be very conscious of how you are seen via your social media channels. That picture from your frat days on Facebook, funny to you and your friends, might not be so funny to a future employer. Checking in every night on Foursquare at the local drinking hole….maybe go off the grid with that information. Again, it does not mean you should not have a social life nor use social media, but just remember it is a very competitive world we live in and also becoming more open. The wall that used to exist between your professional persona and personal life has been made easier to look over. You might rationalize that what you do on the weekend is your business, but if you advertise it, then you have exposed to the public. Some of whom might not approve and if they are deciding between you and another candidate, that could be the deciding factor.


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