iPad – changes marketing mix?

The sensation that is the iPad has been with us for less than a year and already we are seeing the impact it has on our personal lives and professional lives. I will admit that when the iPad was announced I was very excited about picking one up (lack of funds not withstanding) but once it came out I was less enthusiastic. I ran to the local Apple store to play around with what appeared to be an iPhone on steroids, and I just was not that enthralled with the device. I really wanted to be, but nothing. Since then, my attitude has changed again back to my original emotion. I am looking forward to scrounging the necessary funds to purchase an iPad, the ability to quickly turn it on, surf the web, read publications, play games, use Flipboard and countless other apps available is too much for me to resist. However a tweet I saw recently made me think about how does the iPad impact our marketing strategy? Or does it?

I complete agree that marketing has been impacted by the rise of social marketing and the explosion of hand held devices. We can now reach our consumers and target audience in a way never dreamed of 10 years ago. Mobile ads and promotions have been around for a while – we can send coupons and promotions directly to your iPhone or Blackberry. We are seeing an increase in the ability to send event tickets to your mobile device, we are even moving towards having electronic boarding passes for flights. However, do we need to overhaul our marketing thinking because of the iPad?

No. That does not mean we cannot think about how we would leverage this new form factor of mobile computing in our marketing efforts. However as marketers we need to contemplate how we reach our target audience and how we can leverage signals our audience can share with us to better meet their needs. The combination of web enabled mobile devices and the rise of Social Media has allowed Marketers to target a more precise audience as well as allow for a true conversation to occur with that market. The iPad is just another category of product. Tablets have been around for a while, it is just the iPad has made the tablet simpler to use and let us face it more cool.

As a marketer think about how you can leverage the fact consumers have another form factor for mobile computing. For your marketing programs can you leverage a larger screen? A touch screen? A tablet that reacts to motion? These are important to think about when you are looking to change and introduce some marketing campaigns. However do not get carried away…marketing, like business remains anchored in simple tenants (simple but not easy to master). Just think about how these new technologies can allow you to reach your marketing goals and do not allow the shiny new toy distract you from what your business and marketing goals entail.

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